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New Cooperation

  Like mentioned by the owner of this blog, Daedalus316, the planning game Makeshift is canceled due to the technical problems and lack of workers. The main difficulty was the robot design since Voidgames couldn’t get a good artist to have a bright new design of the good robot.

Though I thought the game idea and robot design Voidgames have now is pretty good. So Strawhatworkshop will keep on doing some works such as finding artist, making designs and etc… until we could get the project going.

Of course we would be helping on the new project Daedalus316 is working on.


Fighting System

OK well I had an idea for a fighting system. OK so we will use WASD for movement and the 2 keys closest are E and Q. So E punch and Q for kick. if you crouch using shift it will be a low punch or a low kick. If you press W at the same time as Q or E it would be a high punch or a high kick.

Extreme FreeRunning

So say hello to the new game idea… which I have absolutely no idea what to call. Basically up play as a super enhanced human. your legs have been completely replaced by mechanical super powerful limbs. this enables you to preform incredible feats. you can run up buildings, fall from incredible heights… in essence you are really really fast.

So now onto the actual game play. There are several game types each with their own unique style of play.

Race: 1 on 1 race to the finish line

Capture the Flag: 2 teams of up to 24 compete to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it back to their own base.

On the Edge: an ever man or woman for a themselves mode. player must navigate the city while trying to puch other players off. At the end of the time the player with the most points wins.

Makeshift R.I.P

Well this post marks a sad event. the passing of makeshift. After much debate me and goblinlord have decided to drop the project. it required a lot of scripting and the robot design was getting a bit too tough to make unique so instead we have decided on a new yet unnamed project. The basic idea is extremely high speed free running. I am talking running up buildings and swingin between sky scrapers here) Soon we will announce a lot of new information so keep reading!

Strawhat Workshop & Void Games Game Developement Cooperation

Strawhat Workshop is this workshop focused on electronical features and materials of gaming such as Playstations, Computers, USBS such as earphones, mouses, and etc…  It’s mainly focused on PC gaming. Though Strawhat Workshop is not a company.

Now the new idea of game developement came up with the leader of the Voidgames Daedalus316 and Goblinfire, of this robotic and electronical shooting game.(not sure of the name yet) Is starting to develope under the help of Strawhatworkshop.

Now the newest detail of the help that has been made is the music and sound effects of the game. Also right now we have been working on the arts and graphic. We are welcome for any artist or IT engineer to join.

Though i’m not going to post the download file of the music but the name here are:


Time of the day

Tronical Beating

Slumber Jack

Zoy Decade

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Also sorry for the long lack of posts and updates.

So this is the new robot. it doesn’t have hands or feet yet. I mainly changed the torso and arms. Still needs alot of work but i think it is at least better than the last one.

Hopefully done

So I think I am finally done with the revised model. It has a much thinner waist and totally different arms. Still brew to run it through goblinlord make sure he approves.


Robot redesign

Goblinlord isn’t really happy with my current robot model , neither am I for that matter, so I think we are looking at a complete redesign. What we need to improve is the sleek image and the general body shape and also the joints



The idea for Makeshift started a long time ago… in a bathroom.

Before I explain that insanely weird sentence you need to know a bit more about the game. The whole idea revolves around a room. Every surface in this room is covered in a grid. Using a “hook” a player can pull out, or extrude, these squares in the gird. The new surfaces will also be covered in a grid allowing further extrusions.

So you are probably wondering about the bathroom connection, the idea came to me while I was looking at bathroom tiles.