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Monthly Archives: May 2011

So this is the new robot. it doesn’t have hands or feet yet. I mainly changed the torso and arms. Still needs alot of work but i think it is at least better than the last one.


Hopefully done

So I think I am finally done with the revised model. It has a much thinner waist and totally different arms. Still brew to run it through goblinlord make sure he approves.


Robot redesign

Goblinlord isn’t really happy with my current robot model , neither am I for that matter, so I think we are looking at a complete redesign. What we need to improve is the sleek image and the general body shape and also the joints



The idea for Makeshift started a long time ago… in a bathroom.

Before I explain that insanely weird sentence you need to know a bit more about the game. The whole idea revolves around a room. Every surface in this room is covered in a grid. Using a “hook” a player can pull out, or extrude, these squares in the gird. The new surfaces will also be covered in a grid allowing further extrusions.

So you are probably wondering about the bathroom connection, the idea came to me while I was looking at bathroom tiles.

Voidgames introduction

Voidgames is an indy game company that is focused on making unique and interesting games to the world. The current team is just made up of two people, Deadulas316 and goblinlord. This blog is designed to keep the world up to date with our current games and will always have news of our progress for our current game.