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Hello I am goblinlord. Me and Daedalus316 are partners in game making and founders of [void] games. This is my story: I was born in South Africa then moved to Kenya where I currently live. I became a programmer because I used to be really interested in robotics and it was my life long dream to become a robotic Engineer. Then one day I read an article about game programming and ever since then I have become obsessed with programing and now I am making my first game. That is my reason for becoming a game maker, and I owe Daedalus316 for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a game maker.


One response to “Goblinlord

  1. Cybertron May 17, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    3 things for you “goblinlord”, 1: you shouldn’t say all about where you live on the internet,2: its: “DAEDALUS316 AND I!!!!!!!” and 3: HOW DARE YOU COPY MY IDEA OF BEING A ROBOTIC ENGINEER!!!! (hey maybe we could build/program robots together, and make them kill “Daedalus316”? but don’t tell him i said that.)

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