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New Cooperation

  Like mentioned by the owner of this blog, Daedalus316, the planning game Makeshift is canceled due to the technical problems and lack of workers. The main difficulty was the robot design since Voidgames couldn’t get a good artist to have a bright new design of the good robot.

Though I thought the game idea and robot design Voidgames have now is pretty good. So Strawhatworkshop will keep on doing some works such as finding artist, making designs and etc… until we could get the project going.

Of course we would be helping on the new project Daedalus316 is working on.


Strawhat Workshop & Void Games Game Developement Cooperation

Strawhat Workshop is this workshop focused on electronical features and materials of gaming such as Playstations, Computers, USBS such as earphones, mouses, and etc…  It’s mainly focused on PC gaming. Though Strawhat Workshop is not a company.

Now the new idea of game developement came up with the leader of the Voidgames Daedalus316 and Goblinfire, of this robotic and electronical shooting game.(not sure of the name yet) Is starting to develope under the help of Strawhatworkshop.

Now the newest detail of the help that has been made is the music and sound effects of the game. Also right now we have been working on the arts and graphic. We are welcome for any artist or IT engineer to join.

Though i’m not going to post the download file of the music but the name here are:


Time of the day

Tronical Beating

Slumber Jack

Zoy Decade